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Tray Dryer Tray Dryer find application for drying powders, granular crystalline, coarse or similar material in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, dyes, food and allied products. The Dryers are available in a range of sizes from 12 Trays to 192 Trays per batch capacity All product process area of the equipment is in AISI 316/ 316L stainless steel, mirror polish. Validation documents provided like DQ, IQ/OQ, FAT/ SAT HEPA (0.3 micron)/Absolute inlet air filter system. Capacities Kilolab Model : 4 Trays, 6 Trays & 12 Trays Capacity per Dryer Production Model : 24 Trays, 48 Trays, 96 Trays, 192 Trays & Multiple of 48 Trays/ 1 Trolley (Note Each Trolley Has capacity of 48 Trays) Trays : Tray Size 406mm x 812mm x 32mm Each Tray Volume is 10 Liters
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