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Agitated Nustch Filter Dryer: CE and ATEX Certified, GMP and cGMP Compliant Agitated Nutsche filter dryer . Validation Documents like OP, IQ, PQ & DQ provided. We are one of the largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Agitated Nutsche filter dryer (cGMP Agitated Nutsche filter dryer, Agitated Nutsche filter dryer are available in various types like Agitated Nutsche filter dryer and in various sizes) Our Well Engineered Agitated Nutsche filter dryer are supplied worldwide with all document required for GMP, USFDA approval. Application of Agitated Nustche Filter Dryer:- Various Multiple Processes like Solid Liquid Separation, Agitating / Washing, Re suspending / Mixing Extraction, Crystallizing, Drying can be performed within a closed system in single unit an advantage - All Dryer Internals, production process area is in 316 / 316L, stainless steel construction, Mirror polish. - Heated Limpet Coiled/ Jacket in combination with vacuum atmosphere ensures complete Vaporization of moisture and drying of product. - CIP (Cleaning In Place) system can be provided. -PLC based automation of process batch control, with printable option. - Full validation services available including DQ, IQ/OQ, FAT / SAT protocols. - cGMP construction for Pharmaceutical Models. - Capacity of Agitated Nustche Filter Dryer ranges from 15 Liters to 15000 Liters.
Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer Agitated Nutsche Filter/ Dryer ( ANFD) technology is particularly suited to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry for solids washing separation & Drying, in the most challenging process conditions. Agitated filters and dryers, combined filter-dryers are designed to remove the residual liquid phase from the cake by performing the filtering and drying operations in the same vessel. Capacity : Minimum 10L -15000L MOC :304/316/316L Finishing :Mirror polished
Agitated Nustche Filter Dryer/ ANFD #Agitator filters are suitable for filtration of liquids with a high solid content. #cGMP construction for Pharmaceutical Models. #Capacity ranges from 50 Liters to 10000 Liters. #All Stainless Steel/ Hastelloy construction with Contacts / vapor parts in 304/ 316 / 316L built to custom requirement.
Manual Top Discharge Type Centrigue: Basket Centrifuge Top Discharge Type We are leading manufacturer of centrifuge, This is the most basic type of Centrifuge Machine that is widely used in many industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, R & D – Pilot Plant and allied industries. Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge has a Vertical Basket assembly and is easy for processes having Easy to filter material characteristics. The slurry/ filterable material is loaded from the top and then the solids are removed Manually/ scooped from Top of the machine These Machines are available in Four point suspension & 3 point Pendulum/ Suspension assembly Capacity- diameter in inches-Basket Centrifuge Top Discharge Type SS-12 SS-24 SS-36 SS-48 SS-60 MOC of top discharge type centrifuge All Stainless Steel/ Hastelloy construction with Contacts / vapor parts in 304/ 316 / 316L built to Custom requirement. All Process contact surfaces finished with corrosion-resistant fluro-polymer coatings / Lining such as Halar (ECTEE), Teflon (PFA).
Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer MOC 316L/316L/304 Minimum Capacity-10L Maximum Capacity-12KL